We are Daniel and Holly Diemer. Screenshot of Original Website

We are working hard to build up our homestead on the 14 acres we bought near Burnet, TX.

We found one of the most satisfying things to do is sit back and watch a time lapse showing progress of a project and that is what we publish on youtube.

Personally, we also have both found immense value in journaling. On this site, we will record thoughts that we have along the way that wouldn’t fit so well in the video format.

So, we publish this journal for our own introspection, to keep friends and family informed, and anyone else who might benefit.

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About the Property

Screenshot of Original Website When we first purchased the land, it was all thick trees and brush. We could have brought on power, but we would have had to clear more than the driveway you see.

It was a reasonable cost, but for a little more, we were able to buy solar and set that up without a power bill.

The image is actually Daniel bringing the solar panels down the driveway.

We have a lot more to setup, like rainwater collection instead of a well, a garden and greenhouse, trails and many more.

It feels like we have more than enough projects for two lifetimes. We look forward to the adventure and whatever else God has in store for us.