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Waiting for the Wood to Dry

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I am currently a bit slow uploading new videos on youtube because not much is happening. I am in the middle of several projects, and until I get further along in them, I do not have a lot of content to publish.

One of them is a woodworking project. I found a large tree on our property that was pushed over on the ground, but still had green leaves and growing. I milled the tree into some really nice boards, but am currently sitting around waiting for them to dry.

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Tank Flush

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I am not living off grid yet, but already have many moments where I realize: “Oops, I cannot do that”.

Yesterday, while working on the property, was one such moment.

I was setting up filters for the rainwater collection system, and came across a step in the instructions that said:

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Introduction Post

I recently discovered that writing has helped make me self aware, so I want to do it more.

Also, while recording videos for my YouTube, I realized I often have a lot more to explain than can fit in a simple description.

The combination of these two things has driven me here, to create this blog, but me being me, has to do it the hard way.

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