I recently discovered that writing has helped make me self aware, so I want to do it more.

Also, while recording videos for my YouTube, I realized I often have a lot more to explain than can fit in a simple description.

The combination of these two things has driven me here, to create this blog, but me being me, has to do it the hard way.

Driven by my desire to understand how everything works, I started teaching myself web technologies.

Along that way, I found Hugo, which makes a lot of things easier by use of templates and bakes a nice static site from some awesome stuff in the background. I started out using the bear theme, as it was simple and got me a good understand how Hugo works, and am working on developing it from there.

Screenshot of Original Website I do not really know what it will look like in the end, but wanted to capture an image below of what it looks like now for historical comparison.

One of my favorite parts about building things is comparing how it looks at the end, with how it looked at the beginning.

I have found this to be true whether building something with code, words or my hands.

I’m amazed even watching my own videos at how far I have progressed at things. There is just something about building things that has me captivated.

There is a long way to go, and I look forward to that journey.