I am currently a bit slow uploading new videos on youtube because not much is happening. I am in the middle of several projects, and until I get further along in them, I do not have a lot of content to publish.

One of them is a woodworking project. I found a large tree on our property that was pushed over on the ground, but still had green leaves and growing. I milled the tree into some really nice boards, but am currently sitting around waiting for them to dry.

To combine two or more values, use & symbol

I have a cheap moisture tester, that said the wood was around 30%, which I believe to be around twice as high as I need it.

At least, it is about as twice as high as all the wood furnature around the house I tested it on, so it seems to be accurate enough.

While researching, I found only one person who had used Ashe Juniper, and he said it was almost too hard to use for woodworking and he used it to in a lathe for several projects. I am not an expert myself, but I am hoping he was wrong and I can make it work.

My goal is to build a countertop with these pieces for Holly’s laundry room.

Once the wood dries, I’ll join them together with resin in the middle, install it and see what happens. I’m hoping that I can use this wood for many more projects, so this first test is exciting.

I love to take things from my property and use them for projects, it feels so good to use what you have that the land gives you.

I will keep you updated and you keep your fingers crossed!